Openings for Infants 8 months and younger: September 2023 (1 space), November 2023 (2 spaces), and December 2023 (1 space). Must be 8 months and younger at the time they begin. Call us at 914-607-7600 to get more info about enrollment.     Interested in a career in Montessori education? You've come to the right place. MCC has opportunities for teaching assistants and substitutes. Give us a call to see if you are a good fit for working with our Montessori team today!    Call 914.607.7600 today to schedule a Tuesday or Friday tour to see our beautiful new facility.

MCC is a great place to work! We have a dedicated, talented team, wonderful, supportive families, adorable children, a beautiful, clean, safe work environment, and best of all, the job brings meaning to your life each day, with joy, laughs and satisfaction! This might very well be your dream job. Give us a call today to find out all about it: 914-607-7600.


Here is what our Team has to say about working here at MCC:


“I love to work at MCC because it is a place where they believe in me more than I believe in myself. They encourage me every day to achieve my goals and dreams.  Working with toddler children has changed my life for the better, by focusing on the whole child and supporting them to become capable and fulfilled individuals who can make a positive contribution to the world around them.
Being at MCC gives me a purpose in life!”
— Andrea Angeles, Head Teacher, Toddler Sky Room 






“When I was looking to change schools and environments I wanted to stay within the Montessori community and wanted to continue my journey with infants.  Little did I know when I came across MCC, how much my life would change, for the better by working here.  When you join MCC you aren’t just getting a job, you are gaining a family and building amazing partnerships that help you grow and learn on not just a professional level through all the academic opportunities but as a person. Working at MCC going on five years now, I have had opportunities I never thought I would have and amazing bonding experiences not many people have chance to have with their fellow teachers and administrators.  We have had retreats that lead us to zip lining, rock wall climbing and karaoke night, to crafting together, laughing over meals.  Working at MCC never truly feels like work.  If you are interested in a peaceful, caring, supportive, nurturing environment that not only serves and cares for the amazing families of Westchester but also the staff then MCC is where you would want to be.  I recommend you joining our community to begin your journey, we are lots of fun I promise.” —  Terri-Lyn Castillo, Head Teacher, Infant Cove Room


“I started my work in MCC as a new intern with very little knowledge of the Montessori philosophy. I was very naive but that was not for too long because of the willingness of other seasoned Montessorians in the team who were more than willing to share with me from their wealth of experience and professionalism. I greatly enjoy the privilege of having professional developments at the expense of the management. This has greatly helped me to broaden my knowledge of the Montessori philosophy. I love the beauty, ambience and serenity of the environment I work in. I long to come to work every morning because I am surrounded by warm and affectionate people who are generous with their smiles and sincere compliments. My director is a woman whose heart flows with the milk of human kindness. It’s such an invaluable experience working with children in their innocence. Children who shower me with lots of love and appreciation. I receive countless hugs from them. I am really grateful to be part of the MCC team.”— Pat Garba, Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood Mountain Room


“What I think about working at MCC. I think about impact. I love that I have the opportunity to do this very special, wonderful work.  I take my position as a Montessori guide seriously and take pleasure in seeing my students reach their milestones.

Daily, I am awed by their love of learning and curiosity about life. I feel fulfilled and uplifted by the love I receive from them each day.

The icing on the cake for me is I get a chance to come to work in a beautiful, clean, and organized environment and work alongside a group of awesome women that truly care, support one another. Not only that — working with a wonderful employer who is not only my boss but a great, positive, and supportive guide to her staff members. What more can I say, I love MCC!!”

— Kyra Lynch, Head Teacher, Early Childhood Mountain Room







* 401K with employee contribution.

* Health Insurance with employer contribution.

* Vision Plan.

* Calendar with scheduled paid time off.

* 9 paid holidays and 23 paid vacation days (for contracted employees).

* Paid personal day (for contracted employees).

* Paid one-hour lunch (for contracted employees).

* Beautiful break room with free coffee, tea, microwave, toaster oven,

and a locked locker for your personal items.

* Paid staff development training days.

* Free parking.

* Close to bus routes.

* MCC and parent sponsored lunches, breakfasts, celebrations.

* Buddy system for new team members with a dedicated “Big” to be your mentor.

* Annual AMS membership with attendance at the annual AMS conference.

* Summer visit from the Good Humor Truck (Ice cream for the team from MCC).

* Secret Friend gift exchange in December.

* Winter holiday party.

* Staff retreat with hiking, zip-line, archery, rock climbing, outdoor adventures, s’mores & great food!

* Karaoke night.

* Teacher appreciation and recognition events throughout the year, including on your birthday!

* Fully stocked Montessori materials for each age level, with a replacement budget.

* Meaningful professional development training with opportunities for advancement.




POSITION: Teacher’s Assistants and Substitutes

We’re always looking for dedicated assistants and substitutes!

This is a great way to start your professional Montessori journey. If you are a patient, kind, and compassionate person who enjoys working with children, is a good team player, willing to learn about Montessori philosophy and method, open to coaching from a teacher and supervisor, please reach out to us by sending a resume and cover letter via email to our Director,

Qualifications: Previous experience working with children for the age group that you are applying to work with either infants, toddlers, or 3 and 4 year olds. All staff must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.





POSITION: Certified Montessori HEAD TEACHERS for Early Childhood, Toddler, and Infant

Join the dedicated, nurturing and joyous faculty at the Montessori Children’s Center, a year-round Montessori childcare center that serves as the lab school for CME|NY. A beautiful campus, with supportive families and passionate administration. Our facility serves 3 age groups: infants (3 months – 18 months), toddlers (18 months – 3 years) and early childhood (3 years – 6 years). The children attend 5 days per week for 9 hours each day. We are open from 7:30am – 5:30pm.

This is an excellent opportunity for a well-organized, experienced, professional team player to help model excellence in Montessori education to the next generation of Montessori teachers by serving as an intern supervisor, mentor, and coach for assistance while overseeing the academic, social and emotional development of children in a full-year Montessori experience.

Qualifications: Montessori Credential and Bachelor Degree or Associates Degree for Infant or Toddler Head. All staff must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

Please reach out to us TODAY by sending a resume and cover letter with references via email to our Director,

For a Head Teacher position, please include a quote from Dr. Maria Montessori and how this informs your philosophy of education.

Other applicants: Please say why you love working with young children!

CME Employment application


Call MCC today at 914-607-7600!

You can start on a great adventure:

 a journey of a lifetime,

a place where you can find meaning, joy,

and where you can soar!