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MCC ranks among the best programs I have ever seen.  Each time, I have come away impressed with the exemplary quality of the care of the children and the sound fundamentals of the education offered.  The atmosphere is calm and conducive to a strong sense of peacefulness in children.  This sense and the orderliness of the classroom environments increase the children’s sense of belonging and the development of community among them.  The teachers are well trained and supported by the management personnel to carry out their teaching duties effectively.  The children are engaged in learning.  The environment is successful in supporting the adults as well as the children, which is not often the case.  The leadership that K.T. Korngold has provided has allowed this high quality of service and support to be consistent and sustained.”

– Patricia Werner, Foundind Head Washington Montessori School

MCC is a highly recognized authentic Montessori program.  It is a model of excellence for administrators and teachers-in-training who observe from Montessori schools in every state.  MCC is a well-managed childcare facility with highly qualified trained staff.  The leadership, dedication, and expertise of K.T. Korngold and her Director provide the highest level of management.  The quality of care and guidance for the children is outstanding and an inspiration.” 

– Marie M. Dugan, Former Executive Director of AMS and Current Head of School, Wilmington Montessori School

“The school’s setting and how the management and teachers use the environment to promote the Montessori philosophy of learning is an integral part of my daughter’s experience at the school.  From the moment we walk up the front stairs and she opens the door for someone recovering from physical ills to the time she spends in the Care program making a collage with a recovering patient, she is learning to embrace differences and respect people who have different challenges from anyone she personally knows.  The space inside the school, bright and airy, houses ‘work’ that the teachers thoughtfully pair with each child to challenge their developmental level.  The children help take care of plants in the yard.  I will never forget my 9-month-old baby coming home repeating the word, “nest,” after being taught about a nest of baby birds in the back yard – in the tree right above the infant room back porch!  I cannot say enough about MCC.” 

— Sarah F., current parent

“We have been overjoyed at how nurturing, caring and attentive the teachers and staff are to our daughter. We feel secure in knowing she is in such a loving environment every day while we are working. As parents, we’ve made strong connections with the teachers and other families at the center as well. It is truly a very special community of people.”

— Katherine and John B., past parents

“At least one of our children has attended the Montessori Children’s Center over the past six years. During this time at the MCC, we have watched our crawlers flourish into confident and joyful kids with supportive teachers who truly invest a part of themselves each and every day toward the care and nourishment of the spirits of their entrusted class. We, in addition to our children, have made meaningful friendships through the MCC “family”.  The teachers and administrators are supportive and willing to share their experience in helping us to navigate through the obstacle course of parenthood.  Even though our son has graduated, the teachers continue to show a sincere interest in his continued well-being and he has truly excelled in elementary school.

Our children have very different temperaments, one is more pensive and observant while the other tends to be more gregarious and talkative, yet they both thrived and had the type of support they each needed in the MCC environment. We considered hiring a nanny in lieu of our children going to MCC. We can confirm, without a doubt, that the benefits of early socialization, the respect, and attention that is shown, the fostering of a creative and intellectual curiosity by trained educators and the self-esteem building that happens at MCC, far exceeds what one nanny can offer our children. Our children have a depth of character, beyond their years, due in part to MCC’s cultivating environment. It fosters the tenets that they belong to a greater society with whom they have a responsibility; the ability make choices for themselves and to learn the natural consequences thereof in a safe and judgment-free environment; the notion that each person and living being should be treated with respect; the opportunity to wonder; and the inspiration of critical thinking in young minds. We hope, as their parents, these attributes will carry with them throughout their lives. “

                —E.O. current parent

“Our children were positively impacted for life from their experience at MCC.  They were not just ready for kindergarten due to the reading and math skills they learned.  They were ready for life – with the ability to think for themselves, make choices, and function independently.  We’re convinced that the unique structure of the Montessori program and the quality of the implementation that the program at Burke gave us the best possible outcome that we could have ever imagined for our children’s preschool.”

— David B. and Ivy E., past parents

“Words cannot convey the appreciation we have for this wonderful program at Burke, and the sadness knowing that we will no longer feel the joy of (our daughter) rush into your doors.  Of our three children, she is the only one who has spent her entire early educational career at Burke.  She came to Burke in 2009, was immediately embraced by your nurturing community, and (all too quickly) grew to be the beautiful, mature, well-spoken and incredibly creative young girl we are so blessed to have in our lives.  Her gifts are immeasurable, and directly the result of the dedication and care of your staff.”

— Amy and Jacob A., past parents